Salon du 2 Roues de Lyon - Mash

The Salon du 2 Roues de Lyon was THE big post-covid event for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Mash had to be present and think big.

This year, Mash has developed a gigantic carousel to display its motorcycles. Cotton candy stand, small relaxation area, merry-go-round and colorful decorations all the conditions were met to transport our visitors into our universe. Young and old were there to marvel at the sumptuous decor and in front of our motorcycles.

Check out our stand in the video below:

New at Mash

This show allowed you to discover our new products for 2022:

- The Legend'R Naked scooter: easy to drive, light and efficient, this small urban scooter is one of the best compromises of the moment.

- Black Seven and X-Ride 125cc: offers a liquid-cooled 125cc single-cylinder engine

- X-Ride 50: perfectly reflects the Mash Motorcycles spirit: a small, original motorcycle that invites you to ride

- X-Ride Trail 650cc: a bike that goes back to basics in a classic enduro outfit (21/18). A 644cc single cylinder that, despite its classic appearance, is thoroughly contemporary.

This show was also an opportunity for you to test our motorcycles on a dedicated outdoor track.

Thank you for visiting us, see you next year for new encounters.