Side Force presentation

After the success of our Family Side 400cc, we have chosen to come back in 2021 with a new proposition.

We imagined this brand new side car, as escaped from the movie MASH or the eponymous series (M * A * S * H famous American satirical comedy directed by Robert Altman and released in 1970.):

- Full metal body but weight of only 342 kg in running order, this side car exudes solidity.

- 2 waterproof cartridge belts on either side of the basket, for that cinematic wink

- A khaki green, for that "military revival" touch

In dynamics, the SIDE FORCE on secondary roads and dirt roads will be the ideal companion for all your adventures.

Easy to understand with a spacious basket for the passenger, the SIDE FORCE will attract new fans to this category of extraordinary land vehicle.

Everything is new on this sidecar:

- A new 445cc single cylinder EURO5 air-cooled engine and 30 HP 4-valve oil cooler

- A solid balance fork + 3 disc braking system and ABS + coupled rear brakes

- A gearbox 5 with a real reverse gear

- 3-seater homologation (lap seat belt in the basket)

- Interchangeable spare wheel at three locations

- Several storage possibilities (two cartridge pouches, but also a lockable luggage compartment)