MASH is a registred brand owned by SIMA who sell a neo retro motorcycle range and scooters, introducing fashion and market tendancies. Inspired by the seventies, the MASH’s motorcycle range won’t let anyone indifferent : simple made, light, reliable, easy handling and easy to drive, MASH motorcycles are dedicated both to seventies addict and beginners or occasional riders. Combining performance, style and pleasure, Mash Motorcycles offers the best quality-price ratio combined with excellent after sales services. Find all the Mash bikes, accessories and spare parts in our MASH distributors all around Europe and overseas. Find all MASH vehicles as well as equipment, accessories and spare parts in our online shop or at MASH network dealers anywhere in France!


Addicted to real SENSATIONS AND FREEDOM LOVERS….fan of recovered pleasures, skated leather and engine’s rumbling sound...No doubt that you have a vintage spirit. Roadster, Scrambler and Café racer has no secrets for you…Beautiful pieces of machinery rhymes with authentic spirit. Our range do the best to keep this mood that it is typical for you … for us and that makes us vibrate.